Make your Kitchen Complete with Vitamix 5000

Vitamix 5000 is worth your every penny. It is a sturdy and perfect option for your kitchen. It is small and will occupy relatively little space. It has been in the market for ages for a reason. The quality is good and it will work for years without any glitch in the functioning.


You do not have to worry about cutting your fingers when cleaning the equipment as there is no need to take it apart while cleaning it. The blender mashes just about everything. It is easy to clean and the lid fits perfectly without any worries of spilling.

This high quality equipment is essential for today’s kitchen.  It gives a smooth and creamy result for smoothies in a matter of seconds. This quality blender will keep you kitchen complete and will give you better and more nutritious of options for your daily meals. So, don’t wait, get your hands in it as soon as you can.

Seiko orange monster vs. citizen Eco drive wr100 – Who is stronger?

It’s not hard to realize why the Seiko orange monster got it’s name. It is really big, and one of the stronger watches on the market.

orange monster

In the competition for the strongest watch there is a watch that might full you for being “normal” when it’s a real match for the orange monster – it’s the Citizen Eco drive wr100 (the titanium version).



So let’s compare the two…

Dial window material type:

The Citizen Eco drive have mineral glass which is really strong but not close to the hardlex window of the seiko orange monster.
The winner of round one: The orange monster.

Casing material:

The Citizen Eco drive wr100 is made out of titanium – which is one of the strongest metals on earth, making it unbeatable. The orange monster is made out of stainless steel.
The winner of round 2: Citizen Eco drive wr100.

Water resistant:

The seiko orange monster is made as a divers watch which enables it to survive twice as deep as the wr100, in up to 660 feet deep.
winner of round 3: The seiko orange monster. For prices, reviews, and more information here.

So after this close match we can say proudly that the strongest watch of the two is the Seiko orange monster!

Seiko SKX007 Review

This is a short review for the seiko skx007.

About the seiko skx007:

The seiko skx007 is a watch that was design for men divers, but overtime it became a fashion watch that even non-divers wear.


The Seiko skx007 watch features:

The Seiko skx007 is an automatic watch. That means that you don’t need any butteries for it to work. It is recharging automatically buy the movement of your hand.
It is a very strong watch, made of solid stainless steel with beautiful black bezel.

To read the full seiko skx007 review click on the link.